Irma Vep


IRMA VEP is the on-going, evolving main vehicle for polymath musician Edwin Stevens. Llanfairfechan's most prolific vagabond has made a series of cracking records as part of groups including Sex Hands, Klaus Kinski, The Birthmarks, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, and Yerba Mansa, but it's in his Irma Vep guise that he absolutely comes into his own as a songwriter absolutely committed to mixing sincerity with chaos. His forthcoming album, "Embarrassed Landscape", is perhaps the most vivid depiction yet of his almost dichotomous space jam rock squeezed into pop tunes with self-assured depictions of crushing dread and doubt. There aren't many records out there that bring to mind Richard & Linda Thompson, Bardo Pond, and Country Teasers all at the same time, so you know there's something pretty major going on here. Irma Vep will make you wince and then make you feel elated - all of the highs and all of the lows you need to feel alive, with jams wired enough to equilibrate out at elation.