Ox Scapula


Ox Scapula run their own record label. They run their own club night. They play wherever, whenever...they just want to play. When they're not playing, they bring French and Spanish bands over to play instead. And then play, too, anyway. Because they just want to play. They've made their hometown, Stoke-on-Trent, exciting. Really.

After a string of 7" vinyl and cassette releases on the Welikedanger, Audacious Art Experiment and Sea Owl labels they began to record their album themselves with the assistance of Thomas House (Charlottefield). Eventually, they hooked up with Jay Dean at Dubrek Studios in Derby. With great care the unified forces of four record labels have made "Hands Out" available for public consumption - Art For Blind, Gringo, Sea Owl and Welikedanger.

"Hands Out" captures the fierce sonic storm of Ox Scapula's rugged and raucous live performances. Fans of Unwound or Drive Like Jehu will already know the feeling - frantic, stroppy guitars over a heaving, grooving, bass and drumset jam. Then expanding space.