Cold Pumas


COLD PUMAS specialise in pounding, motorik repetition that grabs the groove for dear life. Running rings around themselves with exultant abandon, these four spirited men are haunted by grand visions, combining cyclical, harmonised guitar riffs, impressionistic vocals and interwoven rhythms to great effect.

Combining post-punk, Krautrock, shoegaze, and experimental indie rock into an equally driving and reflective sound, Cold Pumas was formed in 2008 by brothers Oliver and Patrick Fisher and Dan Reeves, also the founder of Faux Discx. Originally hailing from Brighton, England, soon after forming, the band released singles and EPs that included collaborations with Male Bonding, Women, and Friendo as well as releases on Italian Beach Babes and Upset the Rhythm. Many of these appeared on 2011's 7"s, 12"s, Comps and B-Sides collection, which arrived a year before their full-length debut Persistent Malaise. The band then took some time off, with several members moving to London. Bassist Lindsay Corstorphine joined Cold Pumas in time to record the group's second album, The Hanging Valley, which Faux Discx and Gringo co-released in August 2016.