Gringo Records 15th Birthday!Gringo Records 15th Birthday!

The Gringo Records 15th birthday party is taking place in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June 2012.

Friday (Doors 8pm)

THAT FUCKING TANK (+ special guests)

Saturday (doors 2pm)


Bands on both nights finish by midnight but there will be DJs into the wee hours.

Advance tickets can be purchased from Wegottickets:

Whole event: 12 Pounds
Friday only: 4.50
Saturday only: 9.50

Wegottickets add a 10% booking fee. You can also buy tickets in The Music Exchange and at Nottingham Contemporary reception, with no booking fee, and your ticket gets you a 20% discount on any Gringo release in The Music Exchange!

If you are travelling in a group and want to buy tickets but avoid the booking fee, please message me and I will see what I can do!

FREE! Gringo Records sampler to downloadFREE! Gringo Records sampler to download

2012 is Gringo's 15th birthday year. By way of a gift we've put up a FREE! sampler of tracks from our most recent releases on our Bandcamp page. If you like any of the tracks please purchase some music through Bandcamp (who take a cut) or the Gringo Records online shop (where we make more money!). Feel free to spread the word and pass on to other people, or use tracks on your blog / podcast / radio show (just send us a link so we know about you!).


How busy? Well, while Joe from Bilge Pump built a lovely shed, Gringo has been lining up four new releases.

First up is the latest album by long time Gringo favourites, I'M BEING GOOD. They are the rarest of things, a band from the UK that didn't disappear after one album, or didn't blow their early promise out of the water by signing to a big label, or basically didn't ever get shit. This band has always been ON IT. "Mountain Language" refines IBG's trick of bashing together the most far-out deconstructed, strange, marginal music with irresistible pop hooks and wonderful buzzsaw guitar attacks. It brings to mind the lovely times when Polvo, Unwound and their good buds Trumans Water ruled the earth. Most of those bands bit the dust, IBG just got better. How Darwinian. Andrew Clare's artwork is magnificent as usual too!

Next! We've pressed up HOOKWORMS' debut release on 12" vinyl with the help of excellent Brighton label Faux Discx. Hookworms features 4 songs and clocks in at around 27 minutes. Sun Ark (who issued the release on tape over the summer) said this about it:

"Hookworms fling themselves headlong into classic 80's/90's psych-rock like they're trying to break something. Hailing from Leeds and cramming themselves giddily within the well established formal properties of the genre, they walk the scorched road behind Loop, Spectrum, and any other titan of two-chord songs who's ever slowly wah-ed a chord until they saw colors. Most excellent burners!"

The pressing is limited to 500 copies on heavyweight vinyl, housed in a beautiful reverse-board sleeve featuring artwork by guitarist Jonny Wilkinson.

SOUVARIS have paid homage to Shakira on their third album, "Souvaris Souvaris". There is marvellous review at Pocket Jury which waxes lyrical about the album in comparison to Can's "Landed" and Neu!'s "Neu! 75":

"Somewhere between these two records is the wonderful Souvaris, an amalgamation of the inventiveness of early krautrock with western pop music, creating something of a unique art-rock sound. The surging crescendos favoured by many post-rock bands are still there but the sense of dynamics is far more varied, with many moods covered over the forty minute duration."

Lastly, will be the latest THAT FUCKING TANK album, "TFT". Tank are pressing the vinyl themselves, Gringo the CD. Hopefully it will be ready before the end of the year.

And then... Gringo's 15th birthday in June 2012!