LORDS - Everyone is PeopleLORDS - Everyone is People

'Everyone is People' is the new Lords album. It is out through Gringo on October 6th. It is distributed by Cargo. The artwork is by Kai Wong. It has 9 songs and a secret 10th track to harmoniously resolve the often troubled waters contained within and up to that point. It also rocks very hard indeed. CD and LP available to purchase now from the Gringo Records shop. The LP comes with a free download of the album and three extra tracks: covers of 'Cheap Sunglasses' by ZZ Top, 'Dour Hogwax' by labelmates Bilge Pump and their version of 'Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey' that featured in BBC Radio One's tribute to The Beatles' White Album.

1.Geography - Elvis has moved to Ireland, Phil to Bradford and Chris is still in Nottingham. 2.Activity - 3rd album is being written. Elvis is finding a house to live in, Phil is enjoying the summer holidays and Chris is playing music with PW Long.

Lords tour in October 2008 in the UK and play a one off with Sun Ra's Arkestra (among many others) at the Hokaben Festival in November. Lords welcome Festival offers for the 2009 'season'.

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Souvaris recently to re-entered Taylor John's House to record three songs for a split release with the mighty Sincabeza. Once again they did all the recording, engineering, donkey work and mixing themselves. The Iron Column recorded Sincabeza's side last month and apparently the results are absolutely incredible so Souvaris are going all-out not to look like chumps in comparison!

Once all the boring mixing and whatnot is out of the way, Souvaris are planning on touring the UK once more in October - including their first ever trip to Scotland! They have their first gig in Nottingham for a full year planned in conjunction with fellow Gringo fellas Lords at the same time, which'll be doubly exciting as they'll be celebrating the release of their second album. Fun times ahoy!

Tentative plans for 2009 include releasing this split 'thing' with Sincabeza and hopefully touring the hell out of it in Europe and over here when they've got some free time. Booking for this and our UK dates is once again being ably handled by Clique Clack, so contact em if you fancy helping Souvaris out with a show or anything...

Souvaris are once again short of amusing/terrible song title ideas.
Feel free to send your suggestions in!

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Dates for your diaries!

23/10 Oxford the Cellar W/ Oxes
24/10 Birmingham Hare & Hounds W/ Oxes
25/10 Brighton Freebutt W/ Oxes
26/10 Leeds Brudenell Social Club W/ Oxes
27/10 Liverpool the Kazimier W/ Oxes
28/10 London Luminaire W/ Oxes, Lords
02/11 Leeds Cardigan Arms W/ Lords
22/11 Nottingham the Chameleon W/ Papier Tigre, Human Hair
05/12 Newcastle Cumberland Arms