Bilge Pump

The Fucking Cunts Still Treat Us Like Pricks / Bilge Pump
10 inch ep Released 2010-01-18

Bilge Pump have a disturbing ability to be better than any band they play with. Imagine a boiling-over bastard concoction of all the best bits of The Jesus Lizard, Led Zeppelin, The Fall, Blue Cheer, Funkadelic and King Crimson. A thick broth of art-punk fractured progressive noise, condensed into atonal pop songs free of power chords. Nitro-fuelled avant-jazz rhythms create enough structural form amongst the twisted guitar and off-the-cuff witticisms to provide an uncanny ability to incite dancing! It doesn't matter how wired or weird Bilge Pump get; behind the progressive noise there are clear, distinctive, memorable songs: a rare and winning combination!

During their 14 year existence, Bilge Pump have probably played with, dismayed and blown away all your favourite bands (take your pick from Lightning Bolt, Erase Errata, Part Chimp, Trans Am, The Mars Volta, Hella, Foals, Get Hustle, Les Savy Fav, Enon). They recorded several John Peel Sessions (in which Peel is chomping at the bit for more - only very rarely did I hear him quite so enthusiastic). Joe makes custom valve amps for the likes of The Fucking Champs. Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt admitted he's a one-trick-drum-pony compared to Bilge's Neil Turpin in a Pitchfork interview after they played together in 2006. A finer set of indie credentials would be harder to find, as would a band who so evidently don't give a fuck about them. And frankly, not liking a band with song titles like "Are You There, Jude? It's Me, Barry" would seem rather churlish.

Every now and then you stumble across a band where it's impossible to tell, in a traditional sense, whether they're any good or not. All you can tell is that that they're weird enough to be absolutely wonderful. // Kerrang

Every frequency, every drum beat, every riff and every vocal is so tight, caustic, well-tuned, and so addictive, they seem to transcend their human form. // Plan B

When they pull another fine riff out of thin air you realise how inspired this trio really are. // Rock-a-Rolla

Recorded and mixed by Michael Ward.
Artwork by Corby.

Pressing Information
500 copies on 10" black vinyl. Comes with digital download.

International Distribution
Australia - Rocket
Benelux - Suburban
Canada - F.A.B.
Finland - Supersounds
France - Differ-ant
Germany - Cargo Records
Italy - Goodfellas
Spain - Popstock
New Zealand - Southbound
Scandinavia - Border
United States - Red Eye and Forced Exposure